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Expert Repairs
from our in-house repair shop
Perry's Music's expert guitar and amplifier repair staff have made new and used instruments perform at their best for musicians throughout Chicago and the western suburbs for over 35 years. 

• Professional Set-ups for Guitars and Stringed Instruments
• Guitar and Stringed Instrument Repair                            • Band Instrument Refurbishing           
       • Speaker, Amplifier, and PA Equipment Repair              • Custom Work   

Amplifier repair requires a $45 non refundable estimate fee when the amp is dropped off.  The fee goes towards fixing the amp if the estimate is approved.

If your instrument sounds or feels unhappy, it probably just needs an adjustment.

Our in-house guitar, amp, and speaker technicians can fix just about anything. We can complete most standard adjustments and repairs for stringed instruments within 5-7 days or sooner if necessary.

Bring in your equipment for a free assessment, or call 630-833-3276 for more information.

Call 630-833-3276 to get a quote and time estimate for your repair today!

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