Ibanez history


Humble Beginnings


Ibanez was founded in 1957 in Nagoya, Japan, and ever since then they have been producing guitars that rival the top American brands.

 Ibanez guitars and basses are among the most popular instruments in the industry, featuring quality workmanship and deluxe features at  affordable prices.
We believe in Ibanez and their products and we take pride in offering an affordable, high quality, product.


The Perry's Music Center Difference

 The main difference between our Ibanez guitars and others that you would find at a "big box" music store or online music store, is the fact that each and every guitar that we sell here goes through our professional instrument set up. We hand adjust the neck, frets, bridge, everything and anything that will help a guitar play and sound its best. Any guitar purchased from us will include this set up, valued at $85.00.

Video showcase

Check out this video showcasing some of our Ibanez inventory!