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Learning to play the ukulele is easily accessible because of the fact that a ukulele has only 4 strings. For beginners this helps to easily gain an understanding of a stringed instrument, the narrow neck is also good for those musicians with smaller hands. The nylon strings, combined with the fact that we hand adjust each ukulele, means that those with even the most sensitive of fingers will have no trouble fretting a ukulele! Many of the most common chords used in the most popular songs often use between 1-3 strings, another reason why the ukulele is great for those just starting their musical journey!

The Perry's Music Center Difference

Here at Perry's Music we carry a wide selection of the ever popular, fun, and easy to play ukulele. Over the last 10 years the uke has become extremely popular as a great, portable, easy to learn instrument for people of all ages from children to seniors! Ukuleles are a great gateway instrument into learning the guitar, or great for guitar players who would like to learn a second instrument. We carry a number of brands including Luna, Oscar Schmidt, Ibanez, Tanglewood, Diamond Head, Crossroads, Giannini and Eddy Finn. The big difference in buying a guitar from us is that we shop adjust and inspect every guitar to play well (Normally an $85.00 fee on customer repairs) which you would not normally get through a private seller, internet seller, or big box store.Enjoy the experience of a smaller, more comfortable shop versus a "Big Box" store. Where we hand adjust in our shop every guitar at no extra fee so you can enjoy a great playing guitar! Pictured are a number of different models we currently have in stock. Please call for availability as our stock changes with sales and new arrivals.  

What We Offer

Here at Perry's Music Center a quality ukulele can be purchased for around $100.00. Children's size soprano ukuleles can be purchased for around $70.00. With over 40 unique ukulele models in stock, finding the right ukulele for you will be no problem! We also offer private lessons for the ukulele for people of all ages and skill levels, click the link below to go to our lessons page for more information. We also stock a great self teaching ukulele book called, "Uke From Scratch", this book is among the best method books in the marketplace!

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Ukulele types

General Information - Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Baritone

Ukuleles come in 4 sizes, the smallest being the soprano, next in line is the concert uke, which is a bit longer. We recommend for most players to move up to the tenor uke. Due to its larger size it has a much fuller tone than most ukes. The fretboard is also wider, which gives you more room to play chords. Although the tenor uke is larger than most ukes it is still comfortable enough for children and adults looking for a less cumbersome instrument.

The next, and largest of the uke types that we carry, is a baritone ukulele. Baritone ukuleles have the ability to be tuned to the first 4 notes of a guitar, D,G,B,E. This makes them a bit more familiar to those musicians who already play guitar and are looking to start playing the ukulele. Baritone ukes also have the ability to be tuned like a normal ukulele, with the added option of stringing a low G string. This allows baritone ukulele players to get more low end out of their playing. 

Different Ukulele Types in stock - Call for AVAILABILITY!