We buy a variety of musical items

Trades and Trade Ins

Have you got an old guitar, bass, amp, effects pedal, banjo, mandolin, etc. just collecting dust? Bring it in to us and let us give you our best shot at turning it into cash for you.  


Do you have an item to sell, but just don't want the hassle of placing adds in the local paper or on Craig's list?

Perhaps your thinking about selling something on Ebay, but don't have the tools or knowledge to make it happen?

Well, don't fret, bring your item in and we can evaluate what the item is mostly likely to obtain. 

We have multiple outlets in which to sell your item for a reasonable fee. 


Let us use our expert knowledge to help you get the most for your used musical gear. 

Still have questions? Stop by or give us a call 630-833-3276 and let us help. 

Broken Items

Have a broken guitar or amp that you're ready to give the heave hoe? Bring it to us, it may be worth a few bucks even though its broken.